How Coconut Oil Benefits Your Overall Health

When it comes to coconut oil benefits and uses, the options for ways to use it, are absolutely endless! You can use it alone, or in combination with other things. It is packed with benefits!

Some users of coconut oil swear by oil pulling with coconut oil, this is an amazing practice and can help you take advantage of some of the coconut oil benefits described below.

Aiding in Weight Loss
Believe it or not, coconut oil can actually be used to help with weight loss. By simply eating a small amount of coconut oil each day, you will speed up the process of weight loss. Coconut oil does contain calories (120 calories per tablespoon). However, these calories are to be considered “good calories”. Overall, the foods you eat, have a huge impact on things such as metabolic health and hormones.
Eating coconut oil, in fact, burns calories. As crazy as that may sound, it is very true! When trying to lose weight, you want to eat foods that boost your metabolism. Coconut oil does just that! You also want to have a good hormonal balance, in that your organs are overall healthy. Coconut oil protects your liver, allowing your thyroid to function at a healthier level.

The Pro-Health Factor
When it comes to the term “anti”, coconut oil tops the list in these factors. One of the Coconut oil benefits is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It not only keeps swelling down, it also repairs the tissue. Coconut oil is also known to be anti-bacterial. It fights bacteria that can cause gum disease, urinary tract infections, and even throat infections.
It boosts immunity and fights harmful cancer cells, making it an anti-carcinogenic. It has powerful components that fight fungus as well preventing the growth of yeast and fungus. Coconut oil can also be used to fight various parasites internal and external. This includes head lice and tapeworms.

All of this can be accomplished by simply ingesting 2 tablespoons a day of coconut oil!

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
Coconut oil even has the power to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels! While it does not have a direct effect on your blood sugar level, the magic happens in other ways. Coconut oils actually helps glucose enter your cell, which not only reduces, but slows insulin levels in your blood. The result? Regulated blood sugar. Of course, this needs to be in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease
When exposed to oxygen, heat, or light, coconut oil does not oxidize. Therefore, it does not cause damage to your arteries. This significantly lowers your risk of heart disease. Yet another reason to consume 2 tablespoons per day of coconut oil!

Thyroid Function is Boosted
As mentioned before, consuming coconut oil can help to boost the function of your thyroid. Thyroid issues are normally die to an underlying issue with inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties in coconut oil, help keep your thyroid functioning properly and in a healthy manner.

Kills Fungus
Coconut oil is superb when it comes to killing fungus. Especially those associated with skin and nails. Candida fungus can grow throughout your body and the properties in coconut oil help to fight that off. This fungus can take over various parts of your body and coconut oil will literally get rid of it!

With all of these things, the use of coconut oil should be in combination with a healthy diet in order to see desired results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will have a lasting effect!